David Pilling's wiki. A scrapbook of random material

3D Printing - projects
Aomekie stereo microscope modifications
Banana to DuPont connector
Bag tie
Clock hands
Mortar Gun Nozzle
Nut Holder
Printing a fine grid
Project box
Ultrasonic bracket
XY Platform

3D Printing - ebay printer
My (cheap, ebay) 3D printer
E3D v6 mount
E3D v6 Bowden
Reading data from a digital dial gauge (indicator)
Y axis mount for print bed
Z axis probing

3D Printing - core XY printer
A Safer Printer?
CR Touch Z axis probe
Hypercube Evolution printer build
Opto Interrupter position sensor
TMC 2130 motor drivers
Z axis probing

AN108 DA/AD using the Raspberry Pi Pico
Arduino using 32768 Hz crystal
Arduino Nano CNC shield
Canon camera battery charger
Checking the accuracy of analogue quartz clocks and again (new improved version)
CNC pcb milling machine
DC to DC converters
Differential Analogue to Digital conversion in Arduino land
Fibre Optic TX/RX
Fixing an AVO meter
GPS and time
HC-SR04 ultrasonic distance/liquid level measuring and part 2
Ideal Diode
JSN-SR04T ultrasonic ranging module
Laser Line Laser line teardown
Levitation ultrasonic acoustic levitation
Minimalist data logger
NiMH cell protection
Opto Interrupter ITR9606 position resolution
Phase Noise / Jitter in Oscillators
PIC Programming
Power oring
Programmable unijunction transistor oscillators and part2 and part3
Proelec Remote Control Mains Sockets
Quartz analogue clocks
Radioactivity using photodiodes to detect radiation in the environment
Ringing in ultrasonic transducers
Real Time Data Logging GPS disciplined times for analogue readings
Self Mixing Laser Diode Interferometer
Soldering iron controller
Soldering Fume Extractor Fan automatic control
Soldering - the T12 Experience
Stepper motor driver hat (extension card) for Raspberry Pi
STM32 programming using Arduino IDE
STM32 real time clock
STM32 with HC-SR04 ultrasonic ranging module
Strain gauges and the HX711
Ultrasonic data transmitting data via ultrasonic transducers
Ultrasonic Direct connecting ultrasonic transducers direct to an Arduino
Ultrasonic Transducer Impedance
Waking from sleep mode
WiFi enabling the VC99 multimeter with the ESP8266

Wireless sensors
Puddle Lab - Ultimate liquid level sensor
Replacing the thermistor in an Oregon TH122N sensor
Solar powered wireless temperature sensor
Sources of solar power for wireless sensors
Wireless liquid level sensor and laser time of flight version
Wireless sensor data logger
Wireless temperature sensor
Tuya Bluetooth temperature/humidity sensor

Investigating adding scales to photographs
Minolta/Sony MA MD lens adapters
Macro rail stepper motor controller - hardware/software
Camera flash/strobe time analyser using a Raspberry Pi
Timelapse on a budget

Chocolate truffles without cream or butter
Memories of Kunzle cakes and how to make them
Chocolate topped cookies.

Retired software

Conventional sin
Thickness Gauge
Gas Detector
Gold Top Laser Diodes
Customised Helping/Third hand
Humax Foxsat HDR problems
Windows Fall Creators Update #1709
Windows Update Wrecked My Computer
Notes about stuff
Logitech S120 speakers
ESP 8266 adapter
IC Sockets on a reel
Garden photos
Getting PHP working on Apache2
Fourier analysis of Google Analytics data
Windows Boot Device is inaccessible
Booting RISC OS from SSD on the Raspberry Pi
Radio controlled clock movement
Car Story
ANENG AC2 Mains tester
USB Isolator
Removing Adhesive Dressings
Mac Mini Late 2012 SSD upgrade
Escape from RISC OS

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