Ultrasonic Data

Started 8th November 2021

The idea was to send and receive data using the usual low cost ultrasonic transducers. This sounds reasonable, but what makes it a marginal activity is the way the transducers ring. The achievable bit rate is low.
History, once ultrasound was used for TV remote controls and opening car doors. The latter can't have been very high frequency since it was often possible to hear.
The transducers were taken from HCSR04s, this being the cheapest way to obtain them. Driving the transmitter can be done directly using an ATMega 328p, here in the form of an Arduino Pro Mini, outputs can be made to work in anti-phase. For the receiver side I used clones of the Adafruit Max 9814 microphone amplifier. The microphone being removed and the receive transducer connected in its place.

Ultrasonic transmitter/receiver, David PillingUltrasonic transmitter/receiver, David PillingUltrasonic transmitter/receiver, David PillingUltrasonic transmitter/receiver circuit, David Pilling



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