Y axis Mount

Started 21st June 2017

Still improving my cheap ebay, clone, CTC Prusa I3, 5 mm plywood printer I followed the Hephestos Y axis modification in [1] after which I designed this part to fit under the bed to make the two parts of the Y axis belt parallel.

It's an improvement over the bits of wood from the original printer which left the belt at an angle, but it is not a good design, the two round bits the belts go over provide no grip and the full strain has to be taken by the belt wrapping back on itself. The [2] slip on belt clamp would not work on its own and I ended up taping the belt before sliding on the clamp.

Y axis mount, David PillingY axis mount, David Pilling



  1. eBay Prusa i3 Y axis mod
  2. GT2 Belt Lock clamp


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