Removing Adhesive Dressings

Started 11th July 2022

A Mepore dressing consists of a rectangle of material, in the middle is a pad and around that there is an adhesive border. The problem is they stick too well and can break the skin when removed. What to do...

It is possible to cut down the border, less border equals less to stick. A professional in the field suggested always turning one corner under, to give something to start the removal with. Despite which they still stick too well.

I eventually found that a solution was to take an alcohol based wipe, the little pre-injection swabs are good enough, and rub it on top of the adhesive border area. After a short while the alcohol soaks through the dressing material and dissolves the adhesive. Once the dressing starts to come off it is possible to use the wipe to apply a little more alcohol to the point at which skin and dressing are separating.

Alcohol being volatile, any residue vanishes. Years ago I found "Baby Oil" recommended for removing surgical self-adhesive dressings, but it is too messy.


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