Started 30th October 2021

A 3D printed project box which is made from four printed sides that bolt together. Each side is identical in basic design, but can be customised with holes. The idea is that it is easier to print four small pieces than one big one. The lid is made from two identical pieces. The bottom was a piece of wood - hence the name breadboard - allowing me to screw down the various components.

The project was a "TV Computer", a Raspberry Pi for accessing the internet whilst watching TV. Also in the box went a HDMI switch. An Arduino which understands the TV infrared control and uses some unused buttons on it, to turn the computer on and off and step through the HDMI inputs. A box to contain all this needs a lot of holes in the sides for access to the various sockets.

3D printed project box, David Pilling3D printed project box, David Pilling3D printed project box, David Pilling



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