Retired Software

David Pilling Software was in business between 1988 and 2023, the bulk of the activity was in the 1990s on the Acorn/RISC OS platform. Trading ceased in May 2022 and David Pilling Limited was listed as dormant at the end of January 2023.

These pages make the software available for free along with source code. If you just want ready to run software, it is here, but you may have to download an archive that also contains source code to find it.

The Software Build page explains the history and how to go about building the software from the source code.

RISC OS Software

ArcTree - save directory tree as archive files
ArcFax - fax modem software
Backdrop for the desktop
Client server file system (CSFS)
CrossStar crossword solver
DPScan bitmap images/scanning
D2Font Draw file to font converter
File shrinker (ShrinkWrap)
Font Fix - enhance font and Draw rendering
Freshen software updater
Hearsay data comms software
Impression document loader for Ovation Pro
Kermit data comms
KeyFix keyboard and mouse accessibility
MasterFile 1.37 Y2K fix
MicroSpell spell check module
BBC Basic make aka mk mkcommand
Ovation (not Ovation Pro)
OvationPro (not Ovation)
Panorama map maker
Round Box Draw file generator
SCSI (and other) file system tester
Serial port buffer extender
Snapper window snapshots
SpeakTime timing speakers at meetings
Spell standalone spell check
Spooler - printer spooling
SPrinter print to bitmap
Star chart Draw files
SyncDiscs synchronise disc contents
New application transient utilities
TransRTF RTF loader for Ovation Pro
TransTIFF (TranTIFF+) TIFF loader for Ovation Pro
TWAIN scanner drivers
Word square solver/generator
XL wimp task library

Windows Software

CrossStar crossword/word square solver
Fontq Windows command line font utility
SyncDiscs synchronise disc contents
Windows libraries
XL wimp task library

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