Welcome to the Ovation Pro CD

This document gives an introduction to what you will find on the Ovation Pro CD and how to use it. Click on the links below to visit each area.

  1. Getting started

  2. Main Program

  3. Documentation and Example Files

  4. Applets

  5. Filters and File Formats

  6. Bundled software

  7. Fonts

  8. Dictionaries

  9. Miscellaneous

  10. Support - Maillist archives/Websites

  11. Tutorials

  12. CD Geography

  13. Credits

This is version 1.08 (11th December 2012) of the Ovation Pro CD
If you're viewing this from a real CD and not over the web, then the latest version is available from http://www.davidpilling.info/cd

Information on bug fixes and new features in different versions can be found at:
Location changes.html