Filters and File Formats

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Main Filter pack

The installer for the latest version of the filter pack (1st. January 2018) is at:

Location DavidPilling\Filters\InstallFilter.exe

Ovation Pro has a system of filters that allows the importing and exporting of documents or text or pictures in different formats. You can install the main filter pack by clicking on the above link and choosing Run. A number of filters are included. These are:

DDF Files

DDF files are the format that Impression saves text in, if the "with styles" option is ticked. A number of other RISC OS programs understand DDF files. The DDF filter allows DDF files containing text and style information to be loaded into Ovation Pro. DDF files must have the extension .ddf or .707

To load a DDF file, drag it into an Ovation Pro frame or use Open on the file menu. Most functions of DDF files are supported.

DDF Manual

Location Others\XAT\DDFSpec.ddf

DDF is an easy way of constructing text with effects, perhaps by hand in a text editor or from a program. This file documents the format.

Impression Documents

This filter allows Impression documents to be loaded into Ovation Pro. Both Impression single file documents and application directory documents (also known as folder documents) can be loaded. Impression file documents should have extension .imp or bc5. Files inside Impression folder documents must be named correctly i.e. RISC OS file name with hex filetype extension e.g. "DrawFile.aff". Impression folder documents may be loaded by dropping them into an Ovation Pro document window.

TIFF (.tif, .tiff, .ff0)

GIF (.gif, .695)

PCX (.pcx, .697)

PNG (.png, .b60)

These filters allow various format bitmap files to be dragged directly into Ovation Pro picture frames.

From 2018 a filter for .bmp files is included. This allows .bmp files to be converted into Acorn Draw format when imported, the advantage is that pictures will then appear when the documents are viewed on RISC OS. For this to work it is necessary to set the impex bits in Ovation Pro.
This macro will turn on conversion of .bmp
This macro will turn it off

To make the setting permanent, the code can be added to ! which can be found in C:\Program Files (x86)\DavidPilling\OvationPro\AutoRun
For example:
void main(void)


The default is to load bmp files into documents without any conversion, which is all that was possible until 2018.

Native File formats

Ovation Pro supports various file types without any filters or extensions. These are


RISC OS vector graphics file. Extensions .aff, .drw. .aff is preferred because many Windows programs use .drw for their own file formats.


Lossy compression format. Commonly used for photographs. Extensions .jpeg, .jpg, .jpe, .c85.


RISC OS bitmap file. Extensions .spr, .ff9.


Windows bitmap file. Extension .bmp, .69c.


Windows meta files. Extensions .wmf, b2f, .emf


Simple ASCII text files. Extensions .txt, .fff.

Other Draw Format Files

In addition to standard Draw files, Ovation Pro can load files from Equasor, TableMate, Formulix, DiagramIt and TableCalc. Because there are many programs which use Draw files with their own filetypes, it may be useful to know about the script language function:

impexcopy(int basetype, int newtype, string &name).

This allows a new filetype to be added which is based on an existing filetype. Suppose you wanted to allow Ovation Pro to load a filetype called "MyDraw" with RISC OS filetype hex 123 which is compatible with Draw. This line could be inserted in a script file:


After which Ovation Pro would allow such files to be loaded directly into picture frames. (Draw files have type hex AFF).

Other File formats

ArtWorks Files

Ovation Pro for Windows does not support ArtWorks files. However you can arrange (on RISC OS) for the document to have a proxy for the ArtWorks graphic (i.e. a bitmap). Use the Proxy entry on the Picture menu. The proxy will then be used on Windows

Encapsulated PostScript (EPS)

Location DavidPilling\Applets\OEPS.oap

To load EPS files into Ovation Pro you should install the OEPS applet. Extensions .eps, .ff6.

Adobe Portable Document Format/Acrobat (PDF)

Location DavidPilling\Filters\transpdf.html

This page describes the PDF filter. Extensions .pdf.

Rich Text Format (RTF)

Location DavidPilling\Filters\InstallRTF.exe

Install the RTF filter from the above link. Extensions .rtf.

Files types

This is a list of other file extensions which Ovation Pro understands. Much RISC OS software when it transfers files to Windows appends the RISC OS numeric filetype as an extension. The numeric file extensions listed above and below are intended to allow such files to be worked on without any renaming being needed.

Data .dat .ffd

Ovation Pro document .dpd .b27

Ovation Pro style sheet .dps .b26

Ovation Pro C script file .csc .b24

Ovation Pro DDL .ddl .b25

Ovation 1 document .ovd .cdd

Ovation 1 style sheet .ovs .cdc

Impression document .imp .bc5

Comma separated value .csv .dfe

If you transfer a document from RISC OS to Windows and want Ovation Pro to load it you must ensure it has the correct extension. Extensions can be changed by renaming files - select the file in Windows Explorer, press F2 and enter the new name. Things can be a bit more complex, some versions of Windows don't show extensions. Some RISC OS file transfer software will add a numeric extension with a comma. Ovation Pro adopts various strategies to deal with these problems. However if you find documents not loading the most likely explanation is that the extension is not correct. It is easy to see when extensions are right because Ovation Pro documents will display the usual Ovation Pro quill icon in Windows Explorer.