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The installer for the latest version of Ovation Pro (2.92 28th July 2022) is at:

Location DavidPilling\OvationPro\InstallOvnPro.exe

Click on the above link to run the installer.

Information on bug fixes and new features in different versions can be found at:

Location DavidPilling\OvationPro\changes.html

System Requirements

To use Ovation Pro, the minimum requirements are:

A computer with Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10 or later.

A printer, or access to one, so that you can print the results of your work.

Ovation Pro Reader

The installer for the Reader version of Ovation Pro (2.92 5th January 2010) is at:

Location DavidPilling\OvationPro\InstallOvnProR.exe

Click on the above link to run the installer. This version of the program will not save documents. It is intended for users who need to read or print Ovation Pro documents but are not interested in buying the full version. This version does not have any time limits and no payment or registration are required to use it.

Do not install this version at the same time as the normal version. Apart from not being able to save documents the program is functionally identical to the normal version.

You can install the reader version over the normal version, or the normal version over the reader version. What you should not do is install both versions at the same time in different locations. Doing so will not do any damage but will produce confusing results.