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Desktop Thesaurus

The installer for the latest version of Thesaurus (1.27 2nd. November 2005) is at:

Location DavidPilling\ExtrasThesaurus\InstallThes.exe

If you have ever been unable to find a word that precisely expresses the meaning you have in mind, Desktop Thesaurus will find one for you in a fraction of a second. Since Desktop Thesaurus recognises over 17,000 keywords and has around 200,000 synonyms and antonyms from which to choose, the chances are that the selection of alternative words offered will include the very word that was hovering just beyond your grasp. Full documentation is available from the Thesaurus help menu. Note that the Thesaurus cannot be used unless Ovation Pro is registered.


Location DavidPilling\Extras\ListDir\ListDir.exe

This program can produce a listing of files in a directory in CSV/TSV format. It is included because it may be useful for working with referenced pictures, see chapter 10.12 in the Ovation Pro Reference Guide. See the Help menu for more information. This program does not have an installer. The link is to the actual program .exe.


The installer for the latest version of DPScan (1.24 8th. January 2007) for all versions of Windows is at:

Location DavidPilling\Extras\DPScan\InstallDPscan.exe

A version for Windows XP 64 - NB this only works on 64 bit Windows is at:

Location DavidPilling\Extras\DPScan\InstallDPscan64.exe

This is a general purpose scanning and image processing program. It can load and save bitmap images in a number of formats, including RISC OS Sprite files.

The user manual for DPScan as an Ovation Pro document

Location DavidPilling\Extras\DPScan\DPScan.dpd

and as a PDF file

Location DavidPilling\Extras\DPScan\DPScan.pdf

Note DPScan cannot be used unless Ovation Pro is registered.