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Ovation Pro for Windows is supplied with a collection of True Type fonts which make handling documents originally produced on RISC OS easier. They can be installed by running the installer:

Location DavidPilling\Fonts\InstallFont.exe

Click on the above link to run the installer.

The fonts are:

Bookmark - the Beebug equivalent of PostScript Bookman, Computer Concepts BookM or RISC OS Robinson.

Chaucer - the Beebug equivalent of PostScript Zapf Chancery or RISC OS Churchill.

Curator - the Beebug equivalent of RISC OS Corpus.

DPDings - an equivalent of RISC OS Selwyn.

Paladin - the Beebug equivalent of PostScript Palatino or Pembroke (designed by Bruce Goatly and supplied by Computer Concepts and Clares).

SwissB - the Beebug equivalent of RISC OS Homerton.

SymbolB - the Beebug equivalent of PostScript Symbol or RISC OS Sidney.

Vogue - the Beebug equivalent of PostScript AvantGarde, Computer Concepts AvantG or RISC OS Clare.

Click on the font names to see samples in PDF format.

Text fonts contain full set of the Latin encodings as found in Windows codepages 1252, 1250, 1254 and 1257 and have 4 weights (except Chaucer). They contain more characters than in the RISC OS Latin 1 character set used by current Windows and RISC OS versions of Ovation Pro. However future Unicode enabled versions will be able to use all these characters. The Windows Character Map application (available from Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools or sometimes just Accessories) can be used to view all the characters.

The fonts can be used from any Windows program.

You can change the Ovation Pro font manager settings, so that Corpus used in a RISC OS document is mapped to Curator instead of to Courier New and so that Homerton is mapped to SwissB instead of Arial.

DPDings is a new font required because the Selwyn font produced for RISC OS to map to Zapf Dingbats for PostScript printing has a different characters order.

Other possible maps are Pembroke to Paladin, BookM to Bookmark and AvantG to Vogue. These will be especially useful if you are importing Impression documents into Ovation Pro for Windows.

RISC OS versions of these fonts are also available.

Location DavidPilling\Fonts\

These are only of use if you have a RISC OS computer or emulator. The RISC OS versions of the fonts were originally supplied by Beebug with the Ovation program in 1990.

The fonts have been extended (from just Latin 1) to include all characters found in the Base0 Encoding e.g. Euro.

Each font comes with a print-ready PostScript Type1 file with support for all languages and for all characters. This means that the Welsh glyphs in all fonts appear in print in PostScript and in pdf. It also means that you won't get the annoying filled characters which occur when the original fonts are used for some purposes.

Please see the !ReadMe file in the archive for more information and installation instructions. It is advisable to transfer this zip archive to RISC OS before attempting to manipulate files contained in it