Getting Started

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Installing Ovation Pro consists of installing the following three components. You can install each component by clicking on the appropriate link below, you will then be given a choice by Windows. If you are viewing this page from CD just click on Run (or Open), if you're viewing the page over the 'net you can either Run the installers or save them to disc and Run them later.

Ovation Pro

Spell check dictionary

Filter pack

Ovation Pro can then be started by using the Start Menu entry (Start->All Programs->DavidPilling->OvnPro) or if you have chosen to have a desktop short cut by double clicking on it.

If you are a registered user it is a good idea begin by runing Ovation Pro and entering your registration code. To do this open the Help menu from the Ovation Pro window menu bar, click on Register and then enter your name and registration key in the window, finally click on OK.

A few of the resources supplied can only be used or installed if Ovation Pro is registered. These include the thesaurus, DPScan and the fonts