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New Borders

JMAH van Vredenburch's border upgrade.

Location Others\Vredenburch

All files in a zip archive

Applet SDK

Location DavidPilling\Extras\AppletSDK

A collection of tools, documents and examples for programmers wanting to write applets. There is particular emphasis on converting RISC OS applets to Windows.

All files in a zip archive

CMYK Calibration

Some tools that allow the display of CMYK colours to be calibrated.

Location DavidPilling\Extras\Cmykc

All files in a zip archive

Assorted Macros

Location DavidPilling\Extras\Macros

A couple of script files, one will set up the keyboard shortcuts in Ovation Pro to be like those in Impression, the other sets a multi-row button bar.

All files in a zip archive

Colour Charts

Location Others\Piper\Resources\ColourCharts

Colour charts can be installed by copying them into the Colours directory in the folder where Ovation Pro is installed. In this example you could copy the files Draw.txt and Netscape.txt

All files in a zip archive