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Ovation began in 1989 as a desktop publishing program I wrote for the ARM based desktop computer system, (later to become RISC OS). It was published by the RISC OS specialst company Beebug. I began work on an improved version called Ovation Pro in 1993 and it appeared in 1996 again published by Beebug. I took over the program in 1999 and commenced writing a Windows version in 2002.

Given the time span many people have been involved with Ovation Pro, I'd like to express my thanks specifically to a few of them.

From Beebug days, John Wallace and Ian MacDougall.

John Ferguson for his work on the sprites and windows designs.

Jan van Vredenburch for reformatting, checking and updating all the documentation for RISC OS.

Nick Kaijaks and Gavin Crawford for keeping the programmer's documentation up to date on RISC OS.

Tonnie Demarteau for producing the TrueType fonts, help testing the Windows version of the program and many discussions.

Chris Johnson for running the third party web site.

All the authors whose applets and resources are contained on this CD.

And finally the innumerable users who have contributed bug reports and suggestions for new features.

David Pilling