A simple desktop calendar which shows all the dates in a given year set out in days and months. Christmas and Easter are highlighted

It is possible to save the calendar either as a text or a graphics file which can be imported into other programs like word processors. The text version can be neatly formatted in your word processor by using a ruler with some right justified tabs. Graphics files are saved with the same layout as the screen display e.g. four months by three months. You can change the displayed layout by dragging the bottom corner of the window to make it narrower or wider.

For the RISC OS version, menu over the main window will open a menu offering the save options. Graphics files are saved in Draw format.

For the Windows version, the standard save window offers graphics formats of Windows metafile (.wmf), Windows placeable metafile (.wmf), and Windows enhanced metafile (.emf). The best one to use is .emf, if your software does not support that try the placeable metafile and failing that the ordinary metafile. Placeable (and enhanced) metafiles include information about the size of the graphics contained which improves the chances of other programs being able to render them correctly.

The program can be given a command line parameter of the year to open at, otherwise it defaults to the current year.

The adoption of the Gregorian calendar by Britain (and its colonies) is followed, which makes September 1752 interesting to observe.

Download Calendar 1.04 for all versions of Windows
Download Calendar 1.04 for XP 64 - NB 64 bit Windows only
Download Calendar 1.04 for RISC OS. 26/32 bit compatible
Download RISC OS source code
Download Windows source code

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