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Free Utilities

SparkPlug 2.26

Multi format archive unpacker. Note that in common with much else this requires SparkPlug to unpack it. If you don't have a copy, download the self extracting version below.

SparkPlug 2.26

Self extracting version. Set the file type to BASIC and just double-click.

SparkPlug 2.29

Self extracting version for 32 bits, Beagle board etc. Set the file type to BASIC and just double-click.

SparkPlug 2.29

26/32 bit version - use 2.26 above unless you need a 32 bit version.

MicroSpell 1.01

Interactive spell check module. Note that this is nothing to do with the Spell program. 26/32 bit compatible

KeyFix 1.07

Provides locks for the shift keys and a mouse emulator. Intended for those with problems using the keyboard and mouse. 26/32 bit compatible.

SerialBuffer 1.03

RISC OS 3 and later serial buffer extender. 26/32bit compatible.

Kermit 1.06

Ancient command line Kermit. 26/32 bit compatible.

StarChart 1.05

Produces Draw files of the night sky from a database of stars. 26/32 bit compatible

FontFix 0.07

Module which transfers all font paints into low memory. Utility is for software which won't work with font paints from dynamic areas e.g. (it is said) Caligraph printer drivers. Latest version allows background blending on all font painting, and use of CC GDraw module to antialias Draw module output. 26/32 bit compatible.

Note that SpecialFX a much improved version of this program is available from;


No further work will take place on FontFix, you should use SpecialFX instead.


Application for Windows and RISC OS (26/32 bit compatible) to make the contents of two discs or directories the same.

Freshen 1.07

Application to make and apply software upgrade patches. 26/32 bit compatible. But see the wiki page for a later version.


Calendar application for Windows and RISC OS (26/32 bit compatible).

SCSITest 1.01

Test filing systems memory to file load and save operations. 26/32 bit compatible.

SPrinter 1.04.

Printer driver that renders to sprites. 26/32 bit compatible

Spooler 2.33

Automatic printer spooling - also allows fast printing of multiple copies. 26/32 bit compatible.

RoundBox 1.02

Device for creating Draw file boxes with round corners. 26/32 bit compatible

MasterFile 1.37 Y2K fix

Patch for MasterFile 3.

New application transient utilities

Replacement transient utility files for using applications on versions of RISC OS that need headers on these files. This archive applies to many of my programs, Ovation Pro, SparkFS etc.

SpeakerTime 1.00

Timing speakers at meetings.

File shrinker 0.06

Transparent access to single compressed files. GZip, RISC OS Squash, Computer Concepts Compression CFS.

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