Ovation Pro for Windows

The Windows version of Ovation Pro uses exactly the same file format as the RISC OS version - that means you can load documents produced on RISC OS into a copy of Ovation Pro running on Windows. No changes are needed to do this, for example Sprites and Draw graphics will appear.

On Windows Ovation Pro files should be given the extension .dpd.

The only exceptions are ArtWorks files which it is unlikely will ever be visible on Windows, and .bmp files which the RISC OS version does not support at the moment.

Ovation Pro was supplied on CD. The complete CD contents are accessible from web pages, just click on the link below.

The CD contains documentation, bundled software, filters etc.

Click to visit The Ovation Pro CD.

Source Code
Ovation Pro for Windows is built using MicroSoft Visual C++ 6.0. The first archive will build the main program, it contains all the libraries required. However you will still need the platform SDK to be installed.
It is necessary for various registry paths to point to the right place. Probably the easiest way to achieve this is to install Ovation Pro in the same place as the build will create it.
Main program archive

Having generated the main program from the above archive, copy the contents of the second archive below on top of it. This contains the source code for all the applets. There are many third party applets here, the reason is that on Windows the templates have to be compiled into a dll.
Applet archive

Source code for graphics and text file filters. The Windows libraries will be needed for some of these.
TransBMP Windows bitmap
TransGIF GIF bitmap
TransPCX PCX bitmap
TransPNG PNG bitmap
TransTIF TIFF bitmap
TransPDF PDF document
TransDDF CC DDF marked up text
TransIMP Impression documents
TransRTF RTF text

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