Hints and Tips

1. Skip during Spell Check

There is sometimes a need to skip a word during a spell check without putting the word into the Ignore dictionary. You can do this by choosing Replace or pressing Return.

2. Importing RTF's

If an RTF file describes a document, it must be imported by dragging it to the Ovation Pro icon on the icon bar. You cannot import an RTF document directly into a frame.

If an RTF file describes a story, it may be dragged into a frame or onto the icon bar icon (in which case a default document is created).

3. Zoom Mode from the Keyboard

If you hold down Ctrl and Alt keys, zoom mode is entered and you can click Select or Adjust to increase or decrease document zoom.

4. Nudging the Pointer

You can nudge the pointer in pixel steps with the cursor keys when drawing, moving and resizing objects. When nudging, snapping to the grid and guidelines is disabled.

5. Function Keys in Find Dialogue Box

Functions keys F1 - F8 may be used to select options in the Find dialogue box. Use F1 for 'Go', F2 for 'Previous', F3 for 'Count', F4 for 'Case sensitive', F5 for 'Whole word', F6 for 'Wildcards', F7 for 'All stories' and F8 for 'Find from start'.

6. Swap Case of Selected Text

You can use Ctrl Shift S to swap the case of selected text.

7. Short-cut to Display Modify Picture Box

Triple-click over a picture to display the 'Modify picture' dialogue box

8. Short-cut to Display Choices Box

Click Adjust over the Ovation Pro icon bar icon to open the 'Choices' dialogue box.

9. Changing the Default Margins

To change the default margins, choose 'Page>Edit master pages' and adjust the default master frame as required (or use 'Page>Page guidelines' to set the margins explicitly). Now close the master pages and choose 'File>Save as default'.

10. Transposing Character Pairs

You can transpose a pair of mis-typed characters using the keypress Ctrl Shift Q.

11. Specifying Values in Picas

You can specify values in picas by adding the suffix pi after the value. Note that 1 pica equals 12pt.

12. Carriage Return Stripping on Import

Holding down Ctrl while importing a text file, converts single Return characters to spaces, and pairs of Return characters to single Return characters. This is useful for text that has been formatted in !Edit.

13. Style Changes in !Abbrev Applet

With the !Abbrev applet, you can insert style changes by inserting the required key macro in the expansion string e.g. {CS_B} for Bold, {CS_I} for Italic etc.

14. Specifying Start Side when Galley Printing

When galley printing, the first page of the document is normally printed on the right-hand side. To start on the left-hand side, choose 'Start on left' from the 'Modify chapter' dialogue box.

15. Saving Documents to Pass to Someone Else

You should always save documents without the undo buffer if you intend to pass them on to someone else. If you normally save the buffer, use the 'Min memory' option before saving.

16. Selecting Hidden Objects

You can use Ctrl Shift click over an object to select the object beneath it. Subsequent clicks will select progressively deeper objects until you return to the top object.

17. Expanding Macros

You can expand macros by double-clicking on the macro name in the Macros dialogue box. This is useful for testing macros during their development.

18. Flowing Text around ArtWorks Pictures

If you flow text around ArtWorks pictures in a screen mode greater than 4bpp, the error 'Nothing to flow around' is displayed. To prevent this, change to a 16-colour mode first, set picture runaround and then return to the original mode.

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