Ovation Pro Upgraded RISC OS Fonts

When Beebug first published Ovation in 1990 they supplied with it a number of fonts. In those days the outline font manager was a new innovation and the fonts so familiar now were not supplied with RISC OS. Over the intervening years no change has been made to the Beebug fonts which are still supplied with Ovation Pro. You can download from this web page a major upgrade.

These are the fonts;

SwissB - equivalent to PostScript Helvetica. An alternate for Homerton.

Curator - equivalent to PostScript Courier. An alternate for Corpus.

Paladin - equivalent to PostScript Palatino.

Vogue - equivalent to PostScript AvantGarde.

Bookmark - equivalent to PostScript Bookman.

Chaucer - equivalent to PostScript ZapfChancery.

SymbolB - equivalent to PostScript Symbol.

DPDings - no PostScript equivalent. A Dingbats font like Selwyn with addition of Type1 support.

The original fonts have been extended (from just Latin 1) to include all characters found in the Base0 Encoding e.g. Euro.

Each font comes with a print-ready PostScript Type1 file with support for all languages and for all characters. This means that the Welsh glyphs in all fonts appear in print in PostScript and in pdf. It also means that you won't get the annoying filled characters which occur when the original fonts are used for some purposes.

Please see the !ReadMe file in the archive for more information and installation instructions.

Click to download Ovation Pro for RISC OS font upgrade, 22nd September 2004 (1500K)

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