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This is a command line program for manipulating and examining TrueType fonts. It will let you temporarily and permanently install fonts. You can list the names of fonts from font files, and display information from inside font files.

You will need to open a command prompt window and to have fontq somewhere on the current PATH or in the current directory. Then to get started type

fontq -h

this will print out help information. Where fontq wants a file name you can use wildcards, so

fontq - t *.ttf

will display the names of the fonts in all the TrueType font files in the current directory.

A temporarily installed font is only known to Windows for the duration of the current session. Permanently installed fonts have their details placed in the registry and will appear each time Windows is booted.

The motivation for this tool is handling large numbers of fonts where it is easier to use command line facilities like redirection and bat files rather than desktop software.

Fontq 1.00 for Windows
Fontq source code

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