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Ovation Pro is a new Desktop Publishing program for Windows.

The Windows version of Ovation Pro uses exactly the same file format as the RISC OS version - that means you can load documents produced on RISC OS into a copy of Ovation Pro running on Windows. No changes are needed to do this, for example Sprites and Draw graphics will appear.

On Windows Ovation Pro files should be given the extension .dpd.

The only exceptions are ArtWorks files which it is unlikely will ever be visible on Windows, and .bmp files which the RISC OS version does not support at the moment.

Ovation Pro is supplied on CD. The complete CD contents are accessible over the web, just click on the link below.

The CD contains documentation, bundled software, filters etc. You can install and use the full program, however until registered it is time limited.


Click to visit The Ovation Pro CD.

You can register Ovation Pro for Windows. This removes the time limit, and allows access to some extra resources.

Web pages for the RISC OS version of Ovation Pro are here.

Purchase Ovation Pro for Windows if you are an existing RISC OS user

Check out now

Ovation Pro for Windows costs £60.00 for existing RISC OS users, consists of a registration code supplied by email.
Enter Ovation Pro for RISC OS serial number .

Purchase a complete copy of Ovation Pro for Windows

Check out now

Ovation Pro for Windows costs £100.00, consists of a registration code supplied by email.

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