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This is a filter for Ovation Pro that will allow you to insert Adobe PDF files into frames. This is not simple. The filter works by using a PostScript interpreter (GhostScript or a similar program) to convert the PDF into a bitmap and a PostScript file. These two files are then glued together and imported as an EPS file.

Requirements to use the filter are that you have a PostScript interpreter installed, that you have the EPS applet installed and enabled, and that you are capable of editing configuration files. Printing documents containing PDF files is best done on a PostScript printer (with Direct PostScript output enabled in Ovation Pro Print choices).

Begin by installing TransPDF from the link below.

Location DavidPilling\Filters\itpdf.exe

You will find TransPDF.exe in your filters folder. Typically

C:\Program Files\DavidPilling\Filters\Filters\

Along with it is a text file transpdf.txt. Load this into an editor. The important line is as follows:

pdf psloc C:\Program Files\gs\gs8.51\bin\gswin32c.exe

It must contain the tokens pdf psloc separated by spaces and then followed by the path of your PostScript interpreter, the above is typical for GhostScript.

The other two lines in the file are the command lines to the interpreter for producing the bitmap preview image and the EPS PostScript data.