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SparkFS is a powerful compressed filing system that saves disc space and allows you to use compressed files and programs as easily as uncompressed ones.

Files can be stored individually more safely than in easy-to-damage archives and there are no confusing duplicate disc drive icons to master.

Release date
June 1992 Version: 1.46 RISC OS Compliant.


Check out now

SparkFS for RISC OS costs £25.00, consists of an emailed link to a download.

If you have already purchased SparkFS, you can download the latest upgrade or try the read only version of SparkFS.


Click to download SparkFS 1.46
to upgrade from older versions 26/32 bit compatible


Click to download SparkFS 1.46 read only
reads tar, zip and Spark 26/32 bit compatible


Click to download Spark 2.29
free full working version 26/32 bit compatible

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